Frequently asked questions

How are UK orders (66 Books & Speaking Tree) shipped?

Orders are consolidated on containers in the UK, and shipped to Pennsylvania. If you are ordering from both Speaking Tree and 66 Books at the same time, your orders can be consolidated, and shipped together to your location.

Shipping arrangements from Pennsylvania are often made by the customer, via their accounts & at their expense. However door-to-door shipping can be arranged upon request.

Is shipping from the UK expensive?

It is not as expensive as you might think. To make this more affordable, 66 Books provides free shipping to Pennsylvania, for orders over $1,000 net, and Speaking Tree provides free shipping to Pennsylvania for orders over $500. It is possible to ship smaller minimums, but we advise our customers to meet the "free shipping to PA" to make the overall costs more affordable.

How long does it take for orders to arrive from the UK?

Orders take on average 30-60 days to arrive. This includes extra time for scheduling a container in the UK, customs inspection in Pennsylvania, and routing to your destination in the US or Canada. Fortunately, due to the nature of the stock, most of their books do not date themselves.

Who do I contact if there are problems or questions with my order?

Please contact us with any problems you may have. We may refer you directly to someone at the particular vendor, but it’s best to start with us. We're here to help.

What if our location is not in your territory?

Please contact us anyway! We'll find the right person for you to talk to.

What are the order minimums?

The order minimums vary between vendors, and apply to orders with each of them. You can find more information on our Client page, or contact us.

What is a remainder? Here's a glossary of commonly used terms

A Remainder is more traditionally a book that has been put out of print by the publisher. However today "remainder" is a more generic term for sale books, including overstocks and hurts (see definition below). Most are not out of print, and can in fact be best sellers in the full price market. Bargain Book is another generic term for sale books, although it often refers to books intentionally value published. Hurts, or Returns are books that were returned to a publisher from new book stores. Since books are often bought returnable from the publisher, but can't be restocked as new titles, they are sent directly into the remainder market. As the term implies, they can sometimes show signs of shelf wear. They also often have a mark (see definition below). Severely damaged books are never intentionally sent by our vendors, and they will issue a credit if books arrive in very bad condition. Hurts or returns are often in short supply, and can be on the current bestseller lists, and are often the most sought out titles. Some of our vendors sell hurts, others only remainders and overstocks. Just ask us if you have concerns. Marked vs. unmarked books refers to the practice of putting a pen mark, or small dot on the bottom of sale titles. This is done by the publishers, to avoid them coming back again a new book returns. Each publisher has their own practice and degree of marking, but generally speaking hurts tend to be marked, and remainders not. Publisher's Overstocks are titles the publisher has more copies of a title on hand than they are projected to sell. They will sometimes sale out a certain quantity of that title to create warehouse space and avoid inventory taxes, while continuing to sell the book full price. These books are sold to our wholesalers, into the remainder market.

Do I save money or get better access to the books by going direct?

No & no. All books by the vendors are listed on their websites or inventory lists. Artemis is paid by the vendors, and your price is the same. What you do get is more individualized attention, and our help in finding what you need.